For whom is the Love & Empowerment Center?

Women and man who are emotionally abused, neglected and emotionally manipulated especially by their mother, but also by their father, who feel being handicapped by the way they were treated.

There are several subcategories:

Category 1:

Adult children of authoritative parents who suppressed their children, and who neglected their emotional needs

Category 2:

Adult children of parents who didn’t know how to meet the emotional needs of their children and as an effect their emotional needs were neglected.

Category 3:

Adult children of emotional manipulative parents who manipulated the emotions of their children to undermine a healthy mental development and to keep them hooked to their abusers even when they have become adults. Manipulative abusers often don’t want their children to have a life of their own.

These people experienced as children, and often as adults as well, that their true emotions were claimed to be not real, or disturbed, when those emotions actually were very logic to the emotional and mental manipulations they underwent. And often these logical emotions were used by the manipulative parent to “prove” that the child was “disturbed”. Also the environment of the emotionally abused child was manipulated in such a way, that nobody would support the abused child. And as an effect the child became isolated, and never understood why. The child was then told by the manipulative parent, that their isolation and loneliness was a sign that they were contact-disturbed and that no one was interested in them, or something similar. In these cases the emotionally abused children did grow up in a parent-child war zone. It could be a maternal warzone or a paternal warzone. Maybe they even are veterans, because they never gave up and to them the war has never ended, sometimes even though their parents died.

What do they have in common?

Adult children of all three categories might still feel like being a victim once in a while, although they have done many things to develop themselves and to be able to contribute to society and humanity in a fruitful way.
The point is that the abuse and neglect they underwent and/or the childhood war they were in with their mother or father has never been acknowledged. They are survivors of a family war.

They still want acknowledgement for their inner truth and for the wisdom they collected in time, and they still might crave for love, understanding and compassion from their abusers, and at the same time they can be so confused and afraid and angry. And they still hope to be able to bring those long lasting intergenerational conflicts to an end, to be able to get to peace for once and for all.

More info will follow

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