5 months Empowered Love-Skills Training Program (ELSP)

Overcome Fears for Love and Intimacy
Expand Your Capacity to Build and Maintain Authentic Loving Relationships
Find Inner Peace

For people who:

  • feel lonely, are scared for rejection, to be hurt and for intimacy
  • avoid love, intimacy and connection while longing for love intimacy and connection, but are afraid to loose themselves in a (love) relationship,
  • cling to the other person for fears of losing the other person
  • are inclined to to pull themself down against better judgment
  • take too much responsibility for others at the expense of themself
  • who are willing to adress these issues by deciding to learn to take full responsibility for it with this program

What can you expect of this program:

You will:

  1. learn to manage yourself within your relationships in a healthy way
  2. acquire insights and skills which enable you to be present in a powerful and authentic way within your relationships with others
  3. discover how you can continue to be whole in case others treat you in unpleasant ways
  4. experience how to remain whole and compleet when your feelings of love, intimacy and passion increase in your (love) relationships

The Program

The program starts with an extensive homework assignment which will prepare you for the two days Relationship Lab: discover why your relationships don’t work, and what to do about it. Afterwards you will have 3x per month a coaching session of 60 minutes, and you will be receiving weekly homework assignments. You’ll receive audiorecordings of the sessions. When there are sufficient participants, a membership-community will be created. The 3 stages in this program will be accustomed to your particular situation.

What will you be working at? 3 stages:

You will develop your personal power. You’ll:

  • discover your true boundaries. You will learn to assert these boundaries effecively
  • expand your responsibility taking and you’ll enlarge your self-respect and self-esteem
  • learn how to be your true self and maintain connection with others, through thick and thin

You’ll enlarge your emotional capacity and emotional intelligence. You’ll::

  • overcome unneccessary and limiting fears for rejection, being hurt, and abandonment
  • transform unhealthy feelings of guilt and shame in self-love and compassion
  • free yourself from negative impact that other people might have on you, for example if they try to put you down, to manipulate you or abuse you
  • allow more and more feelings of love while maintaining a sense of trust and being present
  • acquire the skill to create emotional safety in your relationships with others

You will expand your relationship talent. You’ll:

  • discover how you too can make healthy connections with others a real possibility without loosing yourself, and while allowing others to be themselves.
  • develop your capacity for empathy and compassion for yourself and others
  • enlarge your capacity to love others in an effective and adequate healthy way

Nota Bene: the results you’ll only experience if you practice the insights and skills consistently in your life. And it is your responsibility to apply it in your life.

Interested in this program? Send an email to freyajoy@LoveEmpowermentCenter.com

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