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FreyaJoy Tinbergen MSc
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Your Biggest Problem is Your Biggest Gift
Antony Robbins

FreyaJoy is the creator of The Ultimate Confident Inner Leadership System” for finding inner peace and having Loving Authentic Relationships

FreyaJoy is the forthcoming author of  Mastering Independence: Don’t Let an Emotional Manipulative Momma Stop You from Loving Your Adult Life Today.”

FreyaJoy Tinbergen MSc is fiercely committed to guiding adult children who experienced emotional neglect and/or abuse by their parent(s). They seek inner peace and struggle with their relationships, or feel that they have failed in their life. It excites her to free them and help them to succeed, find Inner Peace, be themselves, value themselves, build Authentic Loving Relationships and LEAD their life in a way they LOVE.

If you recognize any of the above: you can have the life of your dreams, and enjoy the authentic relationships and closeness with others that you always wanted

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to overcome:

  • being traumatized by emotional abuse and neglect,
  • loneliness,
  • a sense of being unworthy of love,

you’ve come to the right place.

FreyaJoy is a psychologist, trainer and coach, who has been in a long career as a sexologist as well.

Her Story

Since 1998 FreyaJoy has made a name helping women who were unable to have sexual intercourse. She has transformed the lives of hundreds of women who once struggled with this problem, who now enjoy passionate pain-free sexual intercourse with the one they love. Many of her clients also had a history of emotional abuse and neglect, and therefore it was only a small step for her to help survivors of childhood emotional abuse and neglect as well.

What sets FreyaJoy apart is that she has overcome the same problems as her clients. As an insider, she knows what her clients went through. Having had an emotionally abusive mother herself motivated her to work her personal development continuously her entire life (she’s born in 1960). She has overcome a vaginismus problem herself. Her biggest pain became her greatest gift that can serve people around the world. It was this that motivated her to start a volunteer organization, write her books, found her Center for Sexuality and her Love Empowerment Center. Allthough others see FreyaJoy as an expert, she herself claims to be a student because she continues to learn more and develop herself, so she can continue to grow more and more, and has more and more value to deliver to her clients.

FreyaJoy's books

FreyaJoy published numerous books in Dutch and English:

  • How I Overcame My Vaginismus
  • How I Overcame My Vaginismus, Part 2 Self-Assessment
  • How to Kiss, Kissing All Over for All Ages
  • Passionate Pain-Free Deflowering
  • 7 Practices to Create More Love in Your Life
  • 3 Dangers that May Shoo Love Away From You and how to fix it

What clients say:

Clients say remarkable things about the impact FreyaJoy’s work with them has on their life. Example comments include:


“FreyaJoy did an excellent job. She helped me in a short period of time to get over deep-seated issues, by taking responsibility and stop blaming others. I feel much stronger, more free and relaxed now.”

Christine Bronson, life coach, singer


“FreyaJoy’s questioning me caused me not to want to “try” to change, but actually to put an end to my unwanted patterns and behaviour… and exactly this is what led to change.”



“With FreyaJoy you get the expertise of a woman who is not only an expert by experience, but as well extremely knowledgeable and skillful in the various methods she applies. I am very grateful for everything that Freyajoy offered and taught me.”


Similar benefits await when you decide to invite FreyaJoy to serve in the powerful ways that she can support your success.

If you want to have FreyaJoy’s special “Find-Your-Path-to-Inner-Peace-in-Connection-Consultancy” don’t wast another minute, just connect with her.

It would be her pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire for the life you imagine by working together.

Continue the conversation by sending her an email.
Email address: FreyaJoy@LoveEmpowermentCenter.com.

FreyaJoy is seen:

FreyaJoy is seen on:

  • De Balie, Amsterdam: Theatre panel with Hedy d’Ancona, former Dutch Min­ister of Health, Welfare and Culture: Discussion about Sexual Taboos with Audience
  • TV Belgium “Channel Two” (producer: Eyeworks), about Masturbation Lessons
  • SBLP (Branche Organization for Body-Oriented Psychotherapy): Workshop about Psychosexual Therapy
  • NVFB: Dutch Association for Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor Disorders and Pre- and Postnatal Healthcare: Congress Stress in the Lap: Keynote Speech and Workshops about Vaginismus
  • Universities of Amsterdam and Enschedé, Speech about Vaginismus
  • University of Amsterdam/AMC: workshops for medical students about attitude development towards patients with sexual problems.
  • University of Leiden and at the Academy for Counselling and Coaching (ACC), with Henri van Amerongen: How to Talk about Sex in the Consultation Room
  • Health Center HARA in Leiden (now fused with GGD) about Vaginismus
  • Linda magazine Interview about vaginismus

FreyaJoy gave many speeches about Vaginismus for groups of therapists in the Netherlands.
For years she trained pelvic physiotherapist in the treatment of complex vaginismus and dyspareunia.

FreyaJoy's education

More about FreyaJoy’s education

You can feel confident engaging FreyaJoy to guide you to solve these problems. FreyaJoy Tinbergen MSc. is a bodywork oriented psychologist-NIP and a sexologist who has chosen to transform her work into group training and coaching and public speaking.

She graduated at the University of Leiden as a Clinical and Health psychologist, completed her Specialization Study Sexology at the RINO in Utrecht (Netherlands), she is certified in Rational Emotive Therapy by Albert Ellis Institute for RET in New York (with Wouter Backxs MSc), and has studied traumatherapy with Ellert Nijenhuis PhD and Pat Ogden PhD; Sexual Healing with Jan Voskuil MSc. She completed a 3 year professionals program in Neo Reichian Therapy (Bodyoriented Psychotherapy) at the School for Body Mind Integration with Rashma Schaefer Buss, Jack Painter PhD, and Willem Poppelier MSc

Things about FreyaJoy you might like

Things about FreyaJoy you might like:

1. When she founded the volunteer organization Yila for women with vaginismus and painful sex, after 2 years to her surprise many people started to call her sexologist, and only then she became one by completing the specialization study sexology

2. Sometimes she sings songs for clients that cater to their particular situation

3. She likes to improvise singing on stage and this way new songs come into excistence

4. She plays the violin romantically

Speeches by FreyaJoy

FreyaJoy is available to give speeches with these titles:

  1. Don’t Let Early Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect Stop You From Living Your True Calling and Loving Your Life Today,
    for survivors of childhood emotional abuse and neglect
  2. Professional Intimacy in the Examination Room,
    for physicians (General Practitioners and Gynecologists)
  3. Effective Communication With Clients About Their Complex Psychosexual Dysfunctions
    for therapists and physicians

The “Find-Your-Path-to-Inner-Peace-in-Your-Relationships-Consultancy”

In this consultancy you will:

1. Create clarity about the quality of relationships that you want
2. Find the essential building blocks to have the quality of relationships that you want
3. Discover the number 1 thing why you don’t have inner peace in your connections
4. Identify the most powerful actions to overcome your struggles in your connections
5. Find out exactly what to do to create the inner peace that you want in your relationships

You will leave the session with the inspiration to really handle your problems now.This session will take 90 minutes one on one (200 euro), or 120 minutes if you bring your partner (300 euro). You will have no oblications afterwards. And everything we discuss will be treated confidentially and will stay between you and FreyaJoy. You can have the consultancy at location in Amsterdam, near the trainstation, or online with Skype or Zoom.

If you want to have FreyaJoy’s special “Find-Your-Path-to-Inner-Peace-in-Connection-Consultancy” don’t wast another minute, just connect with her.

It would be her pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire for the life you imagine by working together.

Continue the conversation by sending her an email.
Email address: FreyaJoy@LoveEmpowermentCenter.com.

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