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Are you emotionally abused by your mother?
How do you know?

1. is she systematically denying your reality?
2. does she lie to you about what she does and does not, what she said and said not?
3. does she devalue your true emotions, your needs and your desires
4. does she undermine your independence?
5. is she teaching you that you are unlovable, stupid or insane?
6. does she accuse you of doing things that actually she is doing herself?

If the answer to any of this is yes, you probably are emotionally and mentally abused by her.

1. do you sometimes doubt yourself because of all her lies and distortions of the truth?
2. can’t you find inner peace?
3. are you struggling with relationships?

These are effects of emotional abuse

If you want to overcome this emotional abuse, if you want to find inner peace and build authentic relationships with people in which you can be yourself,

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