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News 20190208: Just Published

What is Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect?

What is Childhood Emotional Respect

Emotional needs of children and complex trauma

Emotional neglect and abuse impact brain development

Why emotional neglect and abuse often are not recognized

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Due to technical issue it’s impossible to subscribe to waitinglists for workshops or programs at the moment. Just send an email instead to with your name and the name of the workshop or program you are interested in and you will be notified when it’s organized again.

News 20190213: Psychotherapy at the Love & Empowerment Center

After doing some research among the type of clients I really love working with, I have some conclusions:

– Though I wanted to give training and coaching at the Love and Empowerment Center, these clients need therapy first and for all.
– It would be wise to continue giving psychotherapy, especially because I have been giving this in my own practice for already 19 years
– This way I can continue to give the highest quality to my clients.

And this means that I am changing my offers. I still will offer training and coaching as well, but the focus will be on therapy.

Psycho-Sexual Therapy at the Love & Empowerment Center

Also I have received so many questions to continue to help people with complex psychosomatic sexual complaints. So it seems to be important to continue to offer this work. Important contents of the former website will be published at this site.

News 20190129: What is Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Childhood Emotional Neglect is one of the main themes in my work. If you have had this in your childhood, it probably has given you a lot of confusion about who you are, what your boundaries are, and how to deal with all kinds of situations.

If you want to find out more, read this post about it:
Childhood Emotional Neglect

News 20181207: Deep Inner Love Program (transformational singing)(DILP)

Are you missing the feeling of love in your life? Do you feel you tear yourself down once and a while and do you want to feel love again, despite whatever circumstances life has thrown to you?

Learn to love again. The Deep Inner Love Program might be the right thing for you to break through to feeling -the love inside you-, to -loving yourself- again. Do you like to sing? You don’t have to be a professional singer, you just have to appreciate singing.

The Deep Inner Love Program is an experiential singing program to find back the deep inner love that has been waiting for you to (re)discover it. We’ll use (structured and unstructured) process work, music and meditation.

All songs are about you, about what that you are struggling with, what’s keeping you away from what you want, and the processes that you’ll be going through, in order to experience this deep inner love for real again. For example: songs to open your heart, to overcome toxic shame, find innocense inside you, have compassion with yourself, forgive someone and yourself, to give and receive love, to call your inner child (that may have been neglected) to come back to your love: songs about your purpose in your life, songs to feel empowered, songs to celebrate, sometimes it’s about humor. And if in the process some other less pleasant feelings show up, like fear or anger, they can be processed as well. The structures give space for that.

Listen to a sample of her music:

The songs are written and composed by FreyaJoy to guide you through an inner process. And if we don’t sing it all together, (because that’s what we will be doing), she will sing them for you. Sometimes you will be hearing FreyaJoy improvising a new song on the spot about something relevant for the group in that very moment.

We start with a one day program. If enough people want more, we organize a follow up day. Wear comfortable clothes, bring warm wintersocks or warm slippers with you.

Are you interested? Subscribe to the waitinglist, and be invited when this workshop will be organized again.

Nota bene: due to technical problems you can not subscribe to the waitlist today. Instead send an email to with your name and “waitlist DILP”

FreyaJoy Tinbergen MSc, Psychologist, sexologist, registered therapist RBCZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Psycholoog, Seksuoloog, registertherapeut RBCZ Amsterdam

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