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The Confident Inner Leadership System

Become Yourself,
Find Inner Peace,
Build Loving Authentic Relationships,
Overcome Fears for Love and Intimacy
Overcome Abuse and Neglect

Start-up Programs:

One day: Deep Inner Love (Singing) Program (DILP). Expand your capacity to love and have compassion for your self and others with FreyaJoy’s psychotherapeutic songs.
Two days: Relationship Lab: discover why your relationships don’t work, and what to do about it

Main Programs:

PROGRAM 1: 5 months Empowered Love-Skills Training Program (ELSTP) (for the emotionally neglected)
PROGRAM 2: 5 months Self-Love, Self-Compassion and Inner Leadership Program (SSILP) (for the emotionally manipulated and abused)
PROGRAM 3: 5 months Sexual Empowerment Program
(to overcome psychosomatic sexual complaints like vaginismus, painful sex, erection problems, premature ejaculation, disgust for sex and sextrauma. This program might be integrated with program 1 or 2)

Follow-up Programs:

PROGRAM 4: 5 months Advanced Self-Love, Self-Compassion and Inner Leadership Program (SSILP-A) (for the emotionally manipulated and abused)
PROGRAM 5: 3 months Mastering Love Program (MLP)
(Third stage work: reorienting to your new future with a new vision and mission for your life)

Program 1; Empowered Love-Skills Training Program (ELSTP)

Expand your capacity to build and maintain authentic loving relationships
Overcome fears for love and intimacy
Gain Emotional Freedom

For people who:

  • feel lonely, are scared for rejection, to be hurt and for intimacy
  • avoid love, intimacy and connection while longing for love intimacy and connection, but are afraid to loose themselves in a (love) relationship,
  • cling to the other person for fears of losing the other person
  • are inclined to to pull themself down against better judgment
  • take too much responsibility for others at the expense of themself
  • who are willing to adress these issues by deciding to learn to take full responsibility for it with this program

What can you expect of this program:

You will:

  1. learn to manage yourself within your relationships in a healthy way
  2. acquire insights and skills which enable you to be present in a powerful and authentic way within your relationships with others
  3. discover how you can continue to be whole in case others treat you in unpleasant ways
  4. experience how to remain whole and compleet when your feelings of love, intimacy and passion increase in your (love) relationships

The Program

The program starts with an extensive homework assignment which will prepare you for the 4 hour Deep Psychodynamic Process Assignment. You will have 3x per month a coaching session of 60 minutes, and you will be receiving weekly homework assignments. You’ll receive audiorecordings of the sessions. When there are sufficient participants a membershipcommunity will be created. The 3 stages in this program will be accustomed to your particular situation.

What will you be working at? 3 stages:

You will develop your personal power. You’ll:

  • discover your true boundaries. You will learn to assert these boundaries effecively
  • expand your responsibility taking and you’ll enlarge your self-respect and self-esteem
  • learn how to be your true self and maintain connection with others, through thick and thin

You’ll enlarge your emotional capacity and emotional intelligence. You’ll::

  • overcome unneccessary and limiting fears for rejection, being hurt, and abandonment
  • transform unhealthy feelings of guilt and shame in self-love and compassion
  • free yourself from negative impact that other people might have on you, for example if they try to put you down, to manipulate you or abuse you
  • allow more and more feelings of love while maintaining a sense of trust and being present
  • acquire the skill to create emotional safety in your relationships with others

You will expand your relationship talent. You’ll:

  • discover how you too can make healthy connections with others a real possibility without loosing yourself, and while allowing others to be themselves.
  • develop your capacity for empathy and compassion for yourself and others
  • enlarge your capacity to love others in an effective and adequate healthy way

Nota Bene: the results you’ll only experience if you practice the insights and skills consistently in your life. And it is your responsibility to apply it in your life.

Interested in this program? Send an email to freyajoy@LoveEmpowermentCenter.com, Or calle +31-(0)6-14355116. (If I can’t take the call because I’m busy, please leave a message or call again.)

“I Am very grateful that she helped me in a short period of time to get over deep-seated issues, and allowing me to love and accept myself whatever happens.”

“FreyaJoy did an excellent job with her program. I give her 5 stars. She made me feel safe to get to the core of my issues fast. Having worked with FreyaJoy, greatly strengthened my self-worth and confidence. Feel much stronger, free, and relaxed now, by taking responsibility and stop blaming others.
FreyaJoy became a soul sister of one kind. Am very grateful that she helped me in a short period of time to get over deep-seated issues, and allowing me to love and accept myself whatever happens.”
Christine Bronson, life coach, singer

FreyaJoy is good! More words I don’t need to describe my sessions with her. Why do I think she is a good therapist? Because she is accurately in her approach and she brings you extremely quickly at the core. Every session again, you get the expertise of a woman who is not only an expert by experience, but as well extremely knowledgeable and skillful in the various methods she applies. I am very grateful for everything that Freyajoy offered and taught me. Frederica

“Thanks to this guidance I have more confidence… I feel more powerful and self-assured”

The guidance that I had with FreyaJoy was very clear. FreyaJoy can clarify very strongly how your thoughts can influence you in a situation. She finds faultlessly which belief is influencing your way of being and knows how to teach you to think differently. Thanks to this guidance I have more confidence and I can identify my boundaries better, and because of that I feel more powerful and self-assured. Thank you. Elma

PROGRAM 2: Self-Love, Self-Compassion and Inner Leadership Program (SSILP)

Reclaim your BIRTHRIGHT to be YOU
LEAD YOUR LIFE in a way you LOVE.
Overcome abuse
Overcome fears for love, attachment and intimacy
Gain Emotional Freedom

For adult children of cruel, mentally and emotionally abusive parents, who deny your truth and real-self consistently, (especially the mother).
Do you experience seemingly unsolvable conflicts with your parents, already for decades despite all your efforts?
Do you recognize (some) of these patterns?

  • You had to care of your parents as a child, instead of being taken care of by them
  • They coercively claimed you to become somebody that you’re not, and never be able to be
  • You were were ridiculed and suppressed or even punished for your truth and true emotions
  • You fear your parents for their misjudgements about you, their lies and distortions of reality
  • You were denied your right to love, and to become an independent free adult
  • You wonder why your abusive parent is so kind and charming to others and never to you
  • You may feel sad, angry, scared, made guilty and ashamed or believe it is your fault (which it isn’t)
  • You feel lonely and isolated because no one understands what you are going through
  • The outside world thinks you’re in a fine family (keeping up appearances)
  • You get the blame consistently for the abusers wrongdoing: everybody believes them, not you
  • You found out that your parent(s) have manipulated everyone against you, tried to undermine your scholar achievements, tried to take away your job, and secretly break down all your friendships so you did end up lonely and had no one exept your parents? Or maybe even your parent tried to seduce your lover away from you
  • The pain you shared about all this was abused by your manipulative parent, to “prove” to you that there was something wrong with you. They said something like you were “too disturbed” and that other people would not want to to be with you because of your emotions
  • As an effect you believed for a long time there was something really wrong with you and only recently you discovered there was something wrong with your mother (or father) instead
  • And in case you escaped, the most abusive parent made up a smearcampaign against you, telling others you were psychotic or a criminal or something similar, while it’s not true
  • You feel obsessively frustrated about being unable to bring these continuous conflicts to closure … for decades already
  • You take too much responsibility for others at the costs of yourself?
  • You maybe even feel you have failed in your personal life and relationships, or you know that you have underachieved as a consequence of all of this?
  • You fear that unwillingly you will repeat these traumatizing relationship patterns from your childhood within your own family: with your partner, or your children

If you recognize yourself in a number of the above, you probably have been mentally and emotionally abused by one or two parents. This abuse probably is still going on today, in your adult life. The SSILP is designed to help you overcome your vulnerability for abusive relationships, and can help you to overcome the consequences of the abuse. So you will be able to have healthy and authentic relationships with others, and even have a healthy love life as well.

If you:

  1. decide to take your life into your own hands now and create breakthroughs in your life so you can have the love and happiness that you have been looking for for so long
  2. choose to take full responsibility it from here yourself – independent from your abusers actions
  3. are willing to learn to see your abusive parent(s) as teachers in disguise so you can learn how to transform yourself into an inspiring light in all this darkness in your life

then this program, the SSILP is for you!

What can you expect of this program? You will:

  1. Acquire mental and emotional independence from your abusive manipulative parent(s), they will lose their abusive and traumatizing power over you
  2. Bring closure towards your abusive parent(s) yourself.
  3. Claim your inner truth and your authentic sacred mental health, no matter what
  4. Find powerful emotional freedom to be YOU and LEAD your life in a way that you LOVE
  5. Find peace in inner emotional safety
  6. Start building healthy relationships
  7. Learn how to become abuser repellant, to prevent abuse from happening again

How will you work?

The SSILP starts with the the 2 days Quickstart Loving Relationships Assessment-Breakthrough Program. When your researchist selects you for the Self-Love, Self-Compassion and Inner Leadership Program SSILP he/she will invite you to do this program. Your researchist will then work out for you a customized plan to work with.

You will have 3 coachingsessies per month. You will do exercises and processes that will help you to break free from the past. So you can start living the life you love. Plus you will work through a specialized psycho-educative homework program (audio, video and workbooks). In the homework program you will gain insight in the inter-relational dynamics of abusers and victims to help you prevent repetition with other abusers. Thanks to your new personal development you will transform your relationships with others as well.

How can you apply?

Send an email to FreyaJoy@LoveEmpowermentCenter.com

“She searches as long as it takes for the source of the problem and treats that instead of working on the symptoms”

The treatment by FreyaJoy has been a very positive experience for me. This makes the treatment of FreyaJoy so effective. She searches as long as it takes for the source of the problem and treats that instead of working on the symptoms. She is very clear, especially with her questioning me about my wanting to change or not… That is her strength. Her strength caused me not to want to “try” to change, but actually to put an end to my unwanted patterns and behaviour… and exactly this is what led to change.
Best regards, Paulien


“I find myself feeling more relaxed and I’ve gained more confidence about the future”

I have got a lot out of what FreyaJoy has told me. I find myself feeling more relaxed and I’ve gained more confidence about the future – something a few years ago I could not have hoped for! A burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I love the space and freedom that comes with it. I would just really like to thank her for her time and efforts, and for everything that I have learned! I am very grateful and happy. Elze

During the sessions, a lot of questions were answered. The objective was clear. Looking back (and being closer to my objective) I am convinced that we have dealt with the right topics and we created solutions.Marcel

Program 5: Mastering Love Program

8 breakthrough ways to elevate yourself and the love in your life (lovepower). Create an abundance of love in your life and attract deep, nourishing connection and intimacy.

You will become a master in love, meaning, you will:

1. know exactly how to create an abundance of love in your life
2. have become the source of love in your life: you will have become a powerful loving being
3. be able to attract an abundance of deep nourishing connection and intimacy
4. transform aspects of your being that you want to change.
5. revolutionize the way you approach all human beings you meet, including yourself.
6. maybe even totally revolutionize the way you will be lovemaking as well
7. revolutionize the difference you are here to make on this planet
By bringing this all in your life, you will experience that you will be loving yourself more than ever before.

If you want to find out whether this program is available for you too,

Ask for my “Find-Your-Path-To-Love-Plus-Deep-Nourishing-connection-and-Intimacy-Consultancy”.

Send me a message: FreyaJoy@LoveEmpowermentCenter.com


“I felt safe with FreyaJoy to talk and show my emotions”

Thanks to just one talk with FreyaJoy I know in which direction I have to think to be able to solve my problem. Therefore I have got a soft confidence and hope. Most valuable for me was that freyaJoy listened to me open and respectfully. I felt safe to talk and show my emotions. I can recommend FreyaJoy’s help especially because her respectful, open and pleasant approach.

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