Overcome the consequences of childhood mental and emotional abuse and neglect like:
-low self-esteem,
-lots of inner conflicts,
-seemingly unsolvable conflicts with important others
-emotional problems like guilt, shame, fear and anger,
-pathological loneliness,
-confusion about dealing with the outside world
-confusion about what love is
-inability to trust others
-not knowing who you are
-unable to set healthy boundaries
-relationship problems
-complex trauma


Psychotherapeutic goals are:
-personal empowerment
-finding and establishing your true self,
-developing your authenticity,
-overcoming conflicts,
-healthy boundary setting,
-building personal confidence
-learning to LEAD your life in a way you LOVE.
-finding inner peace
-learning how to find friends, build friendships, and loving relationships in healthy ways
-learn to experience healthy safe attachment with trustable people
-start building healthy authentic relationships.


Methods of Psychotherapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Music therapy  (voice liberation)


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