As result of the therapy with FreyaJoy her clients find clarity, inner peace, and start to experience freedom in their connections in authentic and loving relationships with others. They learn to LEAD their life in a way they LOVE.

FreyaJoy works with adults of emotional abusive, manipulative and emotionally neglecting parents. As effect of this abuse, they struggle with themselves, their relationships and can’t find inner peace. They often find themselves in traumatic relationships.

FreyaJoy is a Self-Love & Empowerment therapist, coach and trainer. To help her clients well she does not only use bodywork and rational emotive therapy, and traumatherapy, training, coaching and education. She as well uses the “Authentic Relationships Community”, (of which she is the founder) and singing together of her Self-Love & Empowerment Singing Program” (written and composed by FreyaJoy), publishing books, public speaking and all other ways she can think of. In addition, she has 19 years experience as a sexologist in solving complex psychosomatic sexual complaints, sexual disgust and sexual trauma’s. You still can consult here for this too. For more information click here: Sexuality

Languages: English and Dutch

If you are seeking ways to be able to experience freedom in authentic and loving relationships, apply for a Find your path towards authentic and loving relationships consultancy.


In this consultancy you will:

1. gain clarity about the quality you want in your relationships with others
2. find the essential building blocks to have this quality in your relationships
3. discover the number one thing that prevents you from experiencing inner peace in your relationships with others
4. define the most important actions to solve your struggles in your relationships
5. know exactly what to do to experience inner peace in your relationships with others.

You will leave the session with the inspiration to deal with your problems now. This consultancy takes 90 minutes, one on one (200 euro) or 120 minutes if you come with your partner (300 euro). You will have no oblications afterwards. And everything we discuss will be treated confidentially and will stay between you and FreyaJoy.

When FreyaJoy thinks that she can help you effectively, she will discuss with you what she sees as a good way of working with her. This proposal will then be a perfect match for you. This may take an additional 30 minutes. So please reserve some 30 minutes extra in your agenda. And if she doesn’t think you are at the right adress with her, she will send you in the right direction.

You can have the consultancy at her location in Amsterdam, near the trainstation, or online with Zoom (a videocalling program, easy to download here: Take the free version, that will do)

How can you receive this special free consult with FreyaJoy?

If you are ready to work with FreyaJoy within two months from now, you are invited to apply for the consultancy. Don’t wait another second and fill in the Application Form

Answer all the questions, describe your complaints and your question to her and email it to

FreyaJoy will answer all email personally and she will make an appointment with you as soon as possible.

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