Date: Friday 5 april 2019
Time: 7.30pm-10pm
Place: Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 VW Amsterdam (Bij CREA, studio 2.03)
Costs: 25 euro

For whom:

Everyone who wants to sing, and use singing as a portal for their personal development and healing. But especially for people who have been emotionally abused and/or neglected


It’s the start-up of a choir. An evening in which we will be singing songs together. Songs that will inspire you to build more self-love, songs that support emotional healing and songs that empower you in surprising ways. Some of the songs are celebrational, and some are meant to go swinging and build energy. To some of the songs you will be listening, depending on what’s on the program of the day. In between the songs there are moments of silent meditation.

At the end you will be asked about your experience with this event, and if you would want to participate in future singing events with FreyaJoy. How you would like this most: as a choir, or as a workshop in healing singing or as a psychotherapeutic singing group together.

About FreyaJoy’s work:
Music and psychology

As a result of working with FreyaJoy her clients find clarity, build self-respect, self-love, and self esteem, they learn to LEAD their life in a way they LOVE, find inner peace and start building authentic loving relationships. In her therapy practice she works with adults who -as an effect of childhood emotional abuse and neglect- have low self-esteem, struggle with relationships and seek inner peace. She uses therapy, training, the Authentic Relationships Community, writing books, public speaking, educating, singing, and all other ways she can think of.

About FreyaJoy:

FreyaJoy Tinbergen MSc is a musical psychologist and a self-love and empowerment therapist, coach and trainer. She has studied the violin at the conservatorium in Rotterdam, Clinical and Health Psychology at the University in Leiden and works already 19 years as a therapist. When she shifted from violin to singing, she also started to improvise and compose her own songs for healing and empowerment. She loves to integrate her profession as a therapist with her passion for music and share it with the world by singing together. She will conduct the choir herself, because she is trained in conducting as well. For more about FreyaJoy visit: FreyaJoy

What others say about FreyaJoy’s work:

”FreyaJoy’s voice is magic to my ears as a way to tapping into a sense of calm and inner joy as I listen to her music. There is a way that FreyaJoy’s voice triggers the alpha brainwaves of deep relaxation. I recommend anyone who feels pressure or stress to listen to FreyaJoy’s music, to instantly feel feelings of calm and inner fortitude” Susan Liddy

“I am very happy and feel privileged that I was in therapy with FreyaJoy. She is an expert by experience and an empathic person. She has access to an arsenal of tools and a great capacity for listening and empathy. I feel deeply seen and heard in my soul. Her ability to empathize is a joy for my heart and soul. The acknowledgement of my love and my pain are very healing. FreyaJoy is bold and confrontational in a clear and loving way, so it was and is safe for me to open and be vulnerable. I found a deeper connection with and understanding and love for myself. Also with my partner. I have become aware that the most important thing is that I love myself, both the light and dark sides of me. ” Mark

“FreyaJoy did an excellent job with her program. I give her 5 stars. She made me feel safe to get to the core of my issues fast. Having worked with FreyaJoy, greatly strengthened my self-worth and confidence. Feel much stronger, free, and relaxed now, by taking responsibility and stop blaming others. FreyaJoy became a soul sister of one kind. Am very grateful that she helped me in a short period of time to get over deep-seated issues, and allowing me to love and accept myself whatever happens.” Christine Bronson, life coach, singer

How to subscribe:

Enrollment for this event closes april 1, 2019. Click here to subscribe: Subscribe to the Self-Love & Empowerment Choir Event april 5, 2019 You will receive a confirmation invitation with payment information. Your subscription is completed after your payment is received.


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