As a result of psychotherapeutic sextherapy with FreyaJoy her clients learn to enjoy pain free sexual intercourse with the one they love. They respect themselves and respect that their body will not cooperate as long as they -for whatever reason – are not ready to have sexual intercourse.

FreyaJoy works with women who are unable to have pain free sexual intercourse, who experience vaginismus and painful sex, disgust for sex, or who are sexually traumatized.
She also works with men who are unable to have pain free sexual intercourse. They experience erection problems, premature ejaculation, or don’t know how to seduce and open their beloved partner.

Most of her clients have had 5 or more other therapists to work at this problem, and finally came to FreyaJoy, so it’s mostly the more complicated problems that she often is successfully handling with her clients.

If you want to feel free to enjoy passionate lovemaking with your beloved, without fear for pain or fear for failure, but with ease and naturally…. so that you too can enjoy your intimate relationship with your love… and maybe you even think about having a family with children ….
or perhaps you have delayed finding your partner and finally you want to solve your problem …to make sure nothing will be in your way to find your future love……..

That will start with solving your sexual problems.

Therefore FeyaJoy offers you a special “Find-Your-Path-Towards-Pain-Free-Passionate-Sexual-Intercourse-Consultancy” .

In this consultancy you will:
1. Create more clarity about the sexual lovelife that you want
2. Find the essential building blocks for having the sexual lovelife of your dreams
3. Discover the number 1 thing why you can’t have sexual intercourse
4. Identify the most powerful actions to overcome your obstacles to having passionate sexual intercourse
5. Find out EXACTLY what to do to create the sexual lovelife that you truly want.

You will leave the session with the inspiration to really handle your problem now. The price of this consultancy (90 minutes) is 200 euro if you come alone, and 300 euro if you come with your partner 180 minutes). You will have no obligations afterwards. Everything we discuss will be treated confidentially and will stay between you and FreyaJoy.

If FreyaJoy thinks that she can help you effectively, she will discuss with you what she sees as a good way of working with her. This proposal will then be a perfect match for you. This may take an additional 30 minutes. So please reserve some 30 minutes extra in your agenda. And if she doesn’t think you are at the right adress with her, she will send you in the right direction.

You can have the consultancy at her location in Amsterdam, near the train station, or online with Zoom (a video calling program, easy to download here: Take the free version, that will do)

How can you receive this special free consult with FreyaJoy?

If you are ready to work with FreyaJoy within two months from now, you are invited to apply for the consultancy. Don’t wait another second and fill in the Application Form S

Answer all the questions, describe your complaints and your question to her and email it to

FreyaJoy will answer all email personally and she will make an appointment with you as soon as possible.


“The most important thing I want to tell you is that I now dare to say out loud that I have overcome my vaginismus. And now I write this down, tears are filling my eyes. Something I believed was impossible I have succeeded in now. And you were the most important key for that. ”

Love, Marloes.


“I suffered from various anxieties and tensions which led to premature ejaculation. Together with FreyaJoy I restrained these tensions through discussion and exercise…. The premature ejaculations are gone now. Even in daily life, I am more relaxed now.”


I am very grateful and feel privileged by working with FreyaJoy. She is an expert by experience, and an empathic person. She has access to an arsenal of tools and a big capacity to listen and empathize. I feel seen and heard deeply into my soul. Her acknowledgement of my love and pain are healing. FreyaJoy is thorough, resolute and confronting in a clear and loving way. This made it safe for me to open up and be vulnerable. I have become aware that the most important thing is that I love myself, both light and dark. I am able to distinguish where I stepped into sexual behaviour when actually I needed consolation and when I was seeking sexuality with my partner based on love and fullness. I still need consolation. I am disentangling a lot with FreyaJoy.


Fill in the Application Form S

Answer all the questions, describe your complaints and your question to her and email it to

FreyaJoy will answer all email personally and she will make an appointment with you as soon as possible.

(For her help to overcome relationship and attachment struggles as a consequence of childhood emotional abuse and neglect, click here: Relationships)

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