There are 2 target groups that are served at the Love & Empowerment Center:


1. Adults who -as a consequence of childhood emotional abuse (manipulation) and emotional neglect- are struggling with themselves, with their relationships, and can’t find inner peace. (traumatic relationships)


The goal is to enable you to experience healthy attachment, have healthy loving relationships and lead your life in a way you love.


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2. Adults who have a sexless marriage or sexless love relationship.

They are struggling with:
1. -psychosomatic sexual complaints like: Women: vaginismus, painful sex,
Men:erection problems, premature ejaculation,
2. -sex trauma
3. -feelings of guilt and shame around sex
4. -disgust for sex


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Psychotherapeutic Sex-Therapy and Sex Counselling



Possible settings are: Group therapy, one on one, and couples therapy.

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