Treatment of psychosomatic sexual problems

Are you struggling with sexual problems for a long time like not being able to have sexual intercourse because of vaginismus, painful sex, disgust for sex, erection problems, or orgasm problems such as having ejaculations too quick? Don’t physicians know how to help you? Did you have multiple other therapists and you still did not find your solutions?

Treatment from sexual empowerment architect who has overcome similar problems as you have right now. Were other treatments unsuccessful? With FreyaJoy’s Sexual Empowerment Program quite often these problems are gone. Come to FreyaJoy and find your solutions.

Hulp bij vaginisme door FreyaJoy Tinbergen

FreyaJoy Tinbergen MA is a wholistic and experiential psychologist-sexologist in Amsterdam en expert by experience in the field of vaginismus. She helps adult men and women to overcome psychosomatic complaints like:

  • painful sex
  • vaginismus
  • disgust for sex
  • sextrauma
  • lack of sexual desire and appetite
  • orgasm problems like premature ejaculation, difficulty having orgasms, inability to have orgasms
  • erectionproblems
  • sextrauma
  • having negative emotions about sex like fear, guilt, shame

FreyaJoy helps them to get to enjoying pain-free and passionate sex, including intercourse and orgasms. Especially in case causes are complex, and in case earlier therapies did not work yet, she is quite often able to help. Even when you think you are frigid, or even if you feel a disgust for sex this will change naturally with her approach. You will find back or maybe for the first time your appetite for sex and your desire will grow. Treatment at far distance is possible using skype and zoom.

Striking is – in all the years in FreyaJoys therapy practice – that she mainly got clients who had consulted many other therapists before they went to her. Most of these clients were searching for good help for years allready and they were not satisfied with the help they received so far. De meeste cliënten waren al jaren op zoek naar goede hulp en ze waren ontevreden over de hulp die ze vonden. Quite often in those other therapies a thorough examination was not done, and therefore the real causes of the problem were not found. And therefore these therapies were not effective yet. With FreyaJoy they often feel understood very well.

So if you did not find your solutions yet, it probably is not your fault. You just need a new chance with a guide who knows what’s needed to overcome your sexual problems. So you can experience your sexuality with passion and confidence in the full power of your being a man or a woman. So you can be the owner of your own sexuality, and so you can be at the steering wheel of your sexual lovelife yourself.And if you are a man: to own your sexuality is what you need before you can bring your beloved to surrendering and before you yourself can give what you have to give her fully. And if you are a woman: owning your own sexuality yourself, is a requisite before you can surrender fully to your sexuality and is also a requisite before you can give anything sexual to your beloved as well. 

“With FreyaJoy, the premature ejaculations are gone. However, this is not all. Even in daily life, I am more relaxed now.” René


“I am open for the warmth and pleasure that sex brings. I can finally enjoy it again. Thank you FreyaJoy.”  Eduard


“The sex is more fun and back again in our relationship”

Because of our conversations with FreyaJoy, we’ve gained a better understanding of each other, and because of this, the sex is more fun and back again in our relationship. The relaxing atmosphere during these sessions, combined with proper questioning, helped us to discuss this loaded subject and by doing so, to regain our sex drive.

A and B (names remain private on request)


Your mission -should you choose to accept it- is: “End the frustration and confusion about your sexual dysfunctions and discover how you too can have a passionate sexual love life as well.”

If you want to know more about it, and if you want to know whether this program fits you … you can apply for a “Find your path to the sex life of your dreams” consult with FreyaJoy:

Find Your Path Towards Painfree and Passionate Sexual Intercourse Consultancy

In this consultancy you will:
1. Create more clarity about the sexual love life that you want
2. Find the essential building blocks for having the sexual love life of your dreams
3. Discover the number 1 thing why you react with your sexual complaint
4. Identify the most powerful actions to overcome your sexual problem
5. Find out EXACTLY what to do to create the sexual love life that you truly want.

You will leave the session with the inspiration to really handle your problem now. The price of this consultancy (1,5 hours) is 200 euro if you come alone, and 300 euro if you come with your partner 3 hours). You will have no obligations afterward. Everything you discuss will be treated confidentially and will stay between you and FreyaJoy.

FreyaJoy is good! More words I don’t need to describe my sessions with her. Why do I think she is a good therapist? Because she is accurately in her approach and she brings you extremely quickly at the core. Every session again. You get the expertise of a woman who is not only expert by experience but as well extremely knowledgeable and skillful in the various methods she applies. I am very grateful for everything that Freyajoy offered and taught me. Frederica


I was totally surprised after my intake with FreyaJoy. I had no expectations whatsoever and even so, I was “steered” into a corner into which I have never looked before. The intake took a turn which caused me to look in a different place to find the cause of my vaginismus. It was an enlightening conversation for me. Marina


The most important thing I want to tell you is that I now dare to say out loud that I have overcome my vaginismus. And now I write this down, tears are filling my eyes. Something I believed was impossible I have succeeded in now. And you were the most important key for that. Love, Marloes

If you want to overcome your sexual complaints and find your way towards the sexual love life of your dreams:
1. Send an email to, include your name and summarize your problem.

2. Whitelist the email address:

3. In case you don’t receive an answer within 48 hours, check your spambox.

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